Strategy Statement

Strategy Statement


Supporting quality outcomes in learning and development through our management of international exchange and cooperation programmes.


In effectively managing international programmes on behalf of the European Commission and the Irish Government, Léargas:

  • communicates the value of international cooperation and exchange in education, training and youth work
  • makes international cooperation and exchange accessible to a wide range of people
  • contributes to the development of policy and practice in the education, training and youth fields.


Goal 1

Programme Management – Manage all programmes effectively and in compliance with regulations, systems and procedures established for National Agencies by the European Commission and the National Authorities.

Goal 2

Supporting Beneficiaries – Support beneficiaries in meeting project and programme objectives and all contractual requirements.

Goal 3

Profile and Communication – Communicate the work of Léargas so that we improve our profile and increase the reach of our programmes.

Goal 4

Value of International Collaboration – Build awareness amongst stakeholders of the value of international collaboration and the advantages of implementing an international strategy in their organisations.

Goal 5

Supporting Policy and Practice Development – Contribute to relevant practice and policy development through effective communication of project activity, outcomes and impact at local, national and European level.

Goal 6

Organisational Effectiveness and Governance – Develop Léargas governance and organisation structures, processes, skills and competencies to ensure the achievement of our vision and mission.

See the Léargas Strategy Statement 2014-17 for more details.